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Rotary Drum Dryer

  • Gypsum Powder Rotary Drum Dryer Production Line

    With patent design , our Rotary Drum Dryer GYPSUM POWDER Production Line ,can produce excellent quality gypsum powders for stucco and gypsum board . We can design whole line, supply all equipments , ..

  • Three Cylinder / Three Pass Rotary Drum Dryer

    Three Cylinder Rotary Drum Dryer , also called three pass rotary drum dryer , is a new design of rotary drum dryer more and more widely used for Sawdust ,Wood block , Wood chip , Wood shaving , Wood pellets ,Coconut shell , River sand , Sea sand etc.

  • Three Pass Rotary Drum Dryer for Sand / Wood Industry

    Three pass rotary drum dryer is especially good for Sand and Wood industry . With small dimension , large production capacity , can save your production cost a lot .

  • Rotary Drum Dryer / Cooler

    Rotary drum dryer / cooler , can be widely used for mining industry , agriculture , fertilizer production etc.

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